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Company overview


Company overview

Company name NAS GIKEN Ltd Corp
Date of Establishment
Address 〒190-1211
Tokyo Nishitama-gun Mizuho-cho Ishihata 192-2
Date of Foundation 3,000,000 yen
Number of employees 7 regular members (2 people as a part-time job etc.)
Manufacturing sales of metallic pollution collection device and related device and product on surface of silicon wafer and side
The main customer Main semiconductor manufacturer and device (equipment related to semiconductor) domestic manufacturer and analysis manufacturers

Access map

Tokyo Nishitama-gun Mizuho-cho Ishihata 192-2



"Ishihata bus stop" getting off shank's pony.. one minute in the bus from JR Hachiko Line "Hakonegasaki station" of ten minutes.


It sees in a big map.
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