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We continuously challenge with a new perspective.

Semiconductor devices are used to control most of the electrical appliances and transportation in our daily lives, such as smartphones, televisions, air conditioners, cars and trains. The substrate material for the semiconductor device is a “silicon wafers”. Since our establishment in 2002, we have been developing, manufacturing and selling equipment that recovers nano metal contaminants on the surface of wafers, which is indispensable for the semiconductor industry.

Company Motto:
We have a dog and a cat in-house in order our employee to work on the job in comfortable and enjoyable environment.
The dog and cat always welcome customers when they visit our office.
We can be also refreshed both physically and mentally by taking a walk together during break time.

The semiconductor industry has been significantly developing for many years.
The demands made on today’s modern silicon wafers are more varied and individual than ever before by each company.
We will always take on new challenges and strive to provide products and services that meet the needs of our customers.


  1. The Highest Quality of Bulk Etching Function

    Our bulk etching function can allow etching process of the entire surface of the wafer to recover contaminants inside the wafer.
    When performing bulk etching, the "flatness" that determines whether the surface can be dug evenly is one of the most important factors. Our etching performance can guarantee flatness within 10% and have satisfied various customers up to now.

  2. World-class Wafers Contamination Recovery System

    We have obtained an international patent for "bevel recovery," which is a contamination recovery operation on the side of a silicon wafer. Also, we have granted a domestic patent regarding to the sampling of the hydrophilic wafer surface. Our technology stands for uncompromising quality and precision all over the world.

  3. Perfect After-Sales Service

    We provide maintenance service not all over Japan also overseas customers.
    Our sales support shall respond to customer inquiries from Japan in within 24 hours (from overseas less than 48 hours).
    When confirming maintenance details, we hold online meetings with as appropriate.


Company Name NAS Giken, Inc.
Headquarters 36-7 Higashimatsubara, Hakonegasaki, Mizuho-machi,Nishitama-gun, Tokyo 190-1222
Founded 25, October, 2002
Share Capital 3,000,000 JPY
Business Manufacture and sell nano metal contamination recovery equipment on the surface and bevels of silicon wafers.
Number of Employees 9 (Permanent)
Customers Major Wafers manufacturers, device and analysis companies in the semiconductor industry.




・Working for 9 years
・She works as Customer Service in house Patrol



・Working for 10 years
・He makes us feel relaxed at the office.


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