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NAS Giken Privacy Policy

NAS Giken Inc believe that the appropriate protection of personal information of business partners, etc is the due social responsibility of the Company. We are committed to protecting personal information by complying with relevant laws, regulations and other standards concerning the protection of personal information, as described below.

General Principles of NAS Giken's Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

  1. We collect your personal information directly with the consent of the individual by lawful and fair manner.
  2. We collect and store minimum level of personal data that is necessary for the execution of our business after clarifying the purpose of use of such information.
  3. We do not collect sensitive information that is likely to infringe on the interests of individuals except with the explicit consent of the individual or with the support of laws and regulations.
  4. When we outsource the business involving the processing of personal information, we will keep the confidentiality of personal information, matters related to subcontracting, share responsibility in the event of an accident, return personal information at the end of the contract, and Determine and execute erasure.
  5. NAS Giken may share your information with your permission or at your request.

Management of Personal Information

  1. We keep the personal information collected by us in an accurate state and take measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification and leakage.
  2. When entrusting business that involves processing personal information from outside, when the entruster obtains personal information, we will confirm that it was collected by legal and fair means with the consent of the person.

Compliance with laws and regulations

We comply with Japanese laws and regulations related to the protection of personal information and other norms, and endeavor to continuously improve this policy

If you wish to contact NAS Giken regarding your personal information or this Privacy Policy, please contact us by Email or Phone:
Phone: +81 42 557 5207