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Semiautomatic collection device


It corresponds only to the hydrophobic face.

半自動回収装置 SC-2000 Semiautomatic collection device SC-2000/SC-3000

It connects with the personal computer, a variegated collection pattern is made, and the trace metal contamination is collected from the surface and the side (bevel part) of the silicon wafer (sampling).
The wafer in the state of the canal is a condition that can be sampled.
The skill of the operator is not needed because it is work by the machine, and everyone can sample it easily. 

半自動回収装置 SC-7000 Semiautomatic collection device SC-7000

It provides with the nozzle that irradiates two drug solution bottle, bubbling mechanism, and Bubbling gas to the surface of the wafer, and it has the surface number micron of the silicon wafer, and partial and the control are easy and it has the function to etch the bulk. A conventional trace metals pollution collection is possible.


It corresponds to both the hydrophobic face and the hydrophilic face.

半自動回収装置 SC-8000 Semiautomatic collection device SC-8000/SC-9000

The function that pollution was able to be collected from the wafer in an impossible state of the hydrophilicity in SC-2000/SC-3000 was added. It is possible to sample it for wafers of the material other than silicon and wafers to which the surface has gotten rough because of the bulk etching etc.A conventional sampling on the canal side is possible.


Fully-automatic collection device

自動回収装置 NAC-300 Fully-automatic collection device NAC-300/NAC-301

Work until diluting of the sample that collects gas-phase decomposition → pollution collection → is executed to the silicon wafer in the state that entered the career case by full automation. The sample is taken from a lot of wafers, and it exercises one's power over the analyzed usage.


Other products

cleandraft NCD-1200 Clean draft NCD series

Air with which the outside of the device is dirty is shut out even if a front door is a bipolar system, the work space is made Shadow pressure when the door is closed, and it uses it. We will offer the most suitable space for the operation of semiautomatic collection device SC series.

VPD  BOX gas-phase decomposition VPDBOX 

It is a device that takes the oxide film and the nitride film on the silicon wafer apart in the vapor phase by using natural evaporation of the fluorinated acid liquid, and puts the surface of the wafer into the state of the canal.

tweezers Tweezers

It is tweezers made of PTFE the specialized forms designed to grip the open enclosure and baiaru used with the semiautomatic collection device.

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