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Semiautomatic collection device SC-7000


Semiautomatic collection device SC-7000 Feature


●It connects with the personal computer, a variegated collection pattern is made, and the trace metal contamination is collected from the surface and the side (bevel part) of the silicon wafer (sampling).

●The skill of the operator is not needed because it is work by the machine, and everyone can sample it easily.

●It provides with the nozzle that irradiates two drug solution bottle, bubbling mechanism, and Bubbling gas to the surface of the wafer, and it has the surface number micron of the silicon wafer, and partial and the control are easy and it has the function to etch the bulk.


Semiautomatic collection device SC-7000 Feature

Device name SC-7000
Size of correspondence 100mm、125mm、150mm、200mm、300mm
Operation PC(※2)
Installation/detaching of open enclosure Automatic operation
Supply of drug solution for sampling Manual operation
Collection of drug solution for sampling Manual operation
Basic collection pattern Ring sector, fixed radius, and circular arc
Additional collection pattern (*1) Side, rectangle, and lune
Orientation flat processing Ring fixed radius and collection pattern on side
Sucking up type liquid collection (*1)
Externals (W×D×H) (mm) 650×495×500
Service space In Clean draft
Necessary utility Power supply (100~240VAC) (*3) and Clean dry air

※1:It becomes another estimate in the option.
※2:The personal computer will get the order mind in the guest or prepare it by another estimate (The RS-232C port or the universal serial bus port is necessary for WindowsXP or more).

※3:The model until October, 2008 is only for 100VAC.
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