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Bulk Etching Device (BEM-300)

Bulk Etching Device (BEM-310)

BEM-310 BEM-310 BEM-310
About BEM-310
● High-quality device to perform bulk etching silicon wafers surfaces with O3 and HF.

● No droplets generate on wafer surface because of etching with gas.

● Uniformity / Flatness of wafers after etching process is within 10%.

● Contaminants generated during etching process do not move to other places.

● Bulk etching is performed on the entire surface with wafers, but partial evaluation is also possible by mapping

● Wafers are handled manually, however the equipment is controlled on PC, it is easy to operate.

Device Name BEM-310
Wafer Size 200mm、300mm
Operation PC
Bulk Etching Function
Recovery Rate within ±10%
Uniformity / Flatness of
Wafers after Etching Process
within ±10%
Size (W×D×H) (*1) 1000×1300×2000(mm)
Weight About 150Kg
Recommended Environment Inside Clean Draft
Utilities O2, N2, HF, DIW, AC-100-200V,
Acid Drain & Exhaust, General Exhaust
※1:Does not include protrusions.



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