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Semi-Automated Recovery System of Nano Contaminants (SC Series)

Semi-Automated Recovery System of Nano Contaminants
(SC Series)

SC-3000 SC-8000 SC-9000
About SC Series
Obtained International Patent for bevel recovery.
The world's top-class function and technology in collectinghydrophilic surface.

● High-performance equipment to collect nano contamination on surfaces of silicon wafers.

● It can perform sampling nano metal contamination from the surface and sides (bevel parts) of silicon wafers.

● Able to collect contamination of both hydrophobic and hydrophilic wafer surfaces.
* Please note that bevel parts are when hydrophobic wafers only.
* Applied to hydrophilic surface: SC-8000 and SC-9000 only

● Can sample wafers made of materials other than silicon and wafers whose surface has been roughened by bulk
etching. (such as SiC, GaN, sapphire compounds, the surface on blanket film wafer)
● Possible to recover ions other than heavy metals.

● Supply of recovery liquid and suction of recovery liquid after sampling are performed automatically (SC-3000 and SC-9000 only).

● There is no specific skills needed of the operator as the sampling process is performed by the device, and everyone can operate it easily.

Sampling Operation Video of SC-9000 (Only in Japanese)

Device Name SC-3000 SC-8000 SC-9000
Operation PC (*3)
Attaching / Detaching
Liquid Holders
Auto Manual Auto
Supply of Liquid for
Auto Manual Auto
Collection of Liquid
for Sampling
Auto (*1) Manual Auto
Basic Sampling Pattern Ring-shaped, Fan-shaped, Fixed, Radius, Arc
Additional Sampling
Pattern (*1)
Side (Bevel), Rectangle, Bow Patterns
Orientation Flat (*2) Ring-shaped, Fixed Radius, Side (Bevel)
Sucking-Up Type
Collection of Liquid
Sampling of
Hydrophilic Surface
Size (W×D×H) 480×495×500 (mm) 480×495×500 (mm) 495×575×700 (mm)
Weight 35Kg 40Kg 50Kg
Inside Clean Draft
Utilities CDA, DIW, AC-100-240V N2, CDA, AC-100-240V  N2, CDA, DIW, AC-100-240V

*1-3: Those options and PC will be quoted separately



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