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Automated Recovery System of Nano Contaminants (NAC Series)

Automated Recovery System of Nano Contaminants
(NAC Series)

NAC-302 NAC-304 NAC-316
About NAC Series
Obtained International Patent for bevel recovery.
The world's top-class function and technology in collecting hydrophilic surface.

● High-efficiency equipment to perform following process on silicon wafers by automatically;
VPD Process -> Scanning wafer surface and sampling contaminants -> Dilution of sampling solution

● An extremely effective device when it is necessary to take a sample from a large number of wafers at one time and analyze it.

● Sampling nano metal contamination from surface and sides (bevel parts) of silicon wafers.

● Able to collect contamination of both hydrophobic and hydrophilic wafer surfaces.
* Please note that bevel parts are when hydrophobic wafers only.

● Can process bulk etching.

● Uniformity / Flatness of wafers after etching process is within 10%.

● A function of measuring and diluting the sampling solution, and prevents the work from continuing with the
solution remaining on the wafer.

● Double door prevents the acid atmosphere in devices from mixing with contaminants on the operator.

● Automatically clean the liquid holder used for sampling. It will lead to saving time of operators
(Compatible with both normal and bevel holders).

There has been a significantly high need for the device that performs all following process automatically in these days
for the purpose of reducing contamination (Applicable by NAC-316);
Bulk etching -> Sampling contaminations -> ICP-MS connection & elemental analysis

Device Name NAC-302 NAC-304 NAC-316
Wafer Size 125mm,150mm,
Operation PC
Bulk Etching Function
ICP-MS Auto Connection
Automatic Preparation of
ICP-MS Calibration Curve
Load Port
Basic Sampling Pattern Ring-shaped, Fixed Radius, Side (Bevel)
Size (W×D×H)(mm)(*1) 1850×1350×2000 2000×1500×2000 1700×2800×2300
Equipment used Acid drainage,General exhaust,Acid exhaust
Inside Clean Room
Utilities AC-100V 15A, N2,
AC-100V 15A, DIW, O2, N2, CDA
※1: Does not include protrusions.



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